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Ugh the thing where the girl you butt heads with from the very beginning emerges as the only other person in your group that’s both competent and willing to contribute time and effort and you both begrudgingly learn to like and respect each other ugh.

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…is a group project where someone is trying to make Prezi happen.


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i’m grateful you had second thoughts on the celine request. also, bonnie rape?

Sometimes when I need a mid-week pick-me-up I peruse the blog of the piano player from Pat O’s in the Quarter and look at the song request napkins he posts.
Bonnie Rape may be my favorite that he’s ever featured.


i’m grateful you had second thoughts on the celine request. also, bonnie rape?

Sometimes when I need a mid-week pick-me-up I peruse the blog of the piano player from Pat O’s in the Quarter and look at the song request napkins he posts.

Bonnie Rape may be my favorite that he’s ever featured.

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Many days of fêting Sam have taken a toll, and my body is weary. 

Friday night we had Sam’s birthday dinner. The Aunts and I recreated his favorite meal from his favorite restaurant at home. Filet mignon with seafood stuffing, fettuccine Alfredo with fresh pasta, asparagus, sensation salad, and village bread (aka bread so completely soaked in garlic, butter, olive oil, and Parmesan cheese that you almost don’t need the roasted garlic and olive tapenade accompaniments but of course you do because reasons). It was so, so incredibly epic (likely made even better by the fact that the last couple of weeks I’ve been eating low carb so I basically saw the pasta and made heart emoji eyes). My hands still smell like garlic. That is not a complaint.

Saturday we came back to Nola and spent all afternoon and evening drinking with an amazing cast of characters. There was cookie cake, as advertised. There were also rumchata shots, which are never a good idea. NEVER.

Sunday was for several hours in the fetal position whispering “I am too old for this shit” followed by a greasy burger and lots of laundry/cleaning as penance for our sins. 

This week is going to be for recovery, vegetables, and rest before four of my best college ladies come to town for a girls’ weekend of epic proportions. 

On my menu:

Breakfasts: green juices

Lunches: Greek salads with soft eggs and homemade tangy feta dressing 

Snack: Fruit salad (pineapples and blueberries) and hummus with cucumbers

Monday: God knows. I had a pop-up meeting scheduled for 6:45-7:45 so my plans have gone out the window.

Tuesday: Skirt steak, sauteed corn, steamed carrots

Wednesday: Sausage pasta with lemony cream sauce, but replacing noodles with spiralized zucchini and omitting the broc because that is enough fucking vegetables.

Thursday: Small group meeting until 9, at which time our first lady guest arrives, so if I’m being honest probably a hunk of cheese off of the inevitable cheese plate and a shit load of wine.

On my calendar:

  • Jr. League General Membership meeting, where we’re finally unveiling our new initiative that Ive been working on: the JLNO Diaper Bank! If you had told me two years ago I’d be a Jr. League member happily working on a project I’m immensely proud of and passionate about, I would have said you were crazy, because I’m a cynical asshole. But I am so INTO Diaper Banks, and so so proud to be helping to support this one. (If you don’t know about Diaper Banks, or if you want to learn more about Diaper Need, here’s our website)
  • Wrapping up my grantmaking fellows program. We’re finishing site visits at our 11 finalists this week, and we’ll meet this Thursday to make our preliminary decision for funding. Every meeting so far has gone unexpectedly smoothly but this is the real deal— hoping we can make decisions that don’t end with anyone feeling totally unsatisfied as to how their time and money were spent.
  • First Mardi Gras dance rehearsal of the year what whattttt.
  • Selecting my bead package for my rookie season as a Mardi Gras krewe riding member!
  • Epic lady time is nigh.

On my to-do list:

  • Pretty much just hoping to survive this week with work and obligations every night. 
  • Bubble bath for Pants.
  • Tidying before lady weekend.

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Happiest birthday boy! 🎉🎉🎉🎁🎁🎁🎈🎈🎈 #doesthismeanihavetobeoutdoorsy

Happiest birthday boy! 🎉🎉🎉🎁🎁🎁🎈🎈🎈 #doesthismeanihavetobeoutdoorsy

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Lola is my mother’s German shepherd. 

What even.

Lola is my mother’s German shepherd.

What even.

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Also, I’M SORRY, are we really more outraged that the NFL lied about seeing a videotape* than we are about the organization’s clear demonstration that they thought domestic violence was only a big enough deal for a two-game suspension when it wasn’t the subject of non-stop public outrage?

"Oh, I didn’t see the video of him actually HITTING her, that changes everything, I couldn’t KNOW FOR SURE how she got to be super fucking unconscious, so I made a more lenient decision BECAUSE WE DIDN’T SEE IT."

Fuck you.

*a videotape that should have been totally un-fucking-necessary for myriad reasons.

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In news that surprises exactly no one, it appears that there’s confirmation that the NFL received the elevator video of Ray Rice beating his then-fiancee months ago.

The NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell’s official stance is that they had never seen that video before this week, implying that their initial two-game suspension action would have been much harsher if they had seen it earlier.

…what the fuck did you think happened in that elevator that caused Janay Rice to be dragged out unconscious?

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I’ve finally gotten back into a (fledgling) gym routine of sorts after months and months of finding every somewhat legitimate excuse under the sun to live a slug life (stress! work! travel! meetings! alcohol!), and I’m extremely proud of myself. Baby steps and whatnot. I hope to be back to a full weekly routine in the near future which will ideally include at least a couple of weight lifting or cardio classes, because I work out so much harder in those than I do on my own, but for now I’ll settle for 30 minutes on a cardio machine 4-5 times a week. More than settle, I’ll be proud of it. Started from the couch and now I’m out of breath on the elliptical after 6 minutes on level 10. Or something.

I get bored REEEEEAAAALLLLYYYY easily when I’m doing cardio for half an hour. Like, to the point that I can’t listen to music because I find myself counting how many songs have passed, averaging their likely duration, and then counting backwards to calculate how much time I have left before I can quit. Ultimate self defeating/shut-up-brain behavior. So imagine my pleasant surprise when I made the obvious/can’t believe I hadn’t thought of this before decision to start a new Netflix series and watch one episode for each workout.

I’m FINALLY watching Parks and Rec (I KNOW, I know, however disappointed in me you are for not having done this sooner, I am more disappointed, I promise). Each episode comes out to about 22 minutes start to finish, so I stretch and do my warm-up then start an episode when I hit my target heart rate. It’s distracting and I can’t tell how much time I have left so I avoid ticking clock syndrome. And the important thing: I don’t let myself watch the show anywhere except the gym, so it’s an added incentive to get there.

I am quite positive other people discovered this far sooner than me, but on the off chance someone is looking for a motivator for cardio workouts, I thought I’d share. Also it is hilarious watching P&R after years of getting to know the characters purely through Tumblr GIFs. 

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  • Getting up at dawn to drive back to Nola from Baton Rouge earned me my first Pumpkin Spice Americano of the year. Ahh yiss.
  • I love the quiet and tranquility of early mornings. But not enough to sleep less.
  • Elevator buttons broken in my parking garage. In a huff because I’m spoiled and lazy and didn’t want to use the unventilated concrete stairway, I walked down to the next floor to see if their buttons would work, and found the elevator clearly non-functional, door stuck half open diagonally, looking like someone(s) had to be rescued and crawl out. Suddenly 7 floors of stairs didn’t seem so bad.
  • Before leaving for BR Sunday evening I prepped my breakfast green juices and vegan summer rolls for lunch. Really grateful to my unusually responsible Sunday self. Would still prefer to eat tacos than vegan summer rolls, but hey, sad desk lunch is sad desk lunch.
  • Had to manually empty a vacuum bag to reuse it because I am forever out of vacuum bags. Ripped it in the process of emptying it and had to tape it closed again with packing tape. What are the odds that this will actually work? Not great, Bob.
  • Going to see Outkast on Halloween night at Voodoo Fest! :::sunglasses smiley emoji:::
  • Cannot stop thinking about getting my hands on the new JK Rowling and the new Tana French. GIVE ME ALL YER BOOKS.
  • Tonight is for gym, a dinner of veggies, and light house chores. I am determined to make cauliflower mash that isn’t watery and gross. 
  • Cannot wait for Sam’s birthday celebrations this weekend.